Spa Feeling To Go Please-SimpleHabit App

Mindfulness and Meditation can be new and confusing if you are not familiar with the terms and meanings.  Meditation apps are all the craze now and many may give up and feel that they are not a good candidate to meditate.

But really all you need is your smartphone to download an app and I love simple habit!  Most of the meditations are only for 5 minutes but you can meditate for longer if you like.  There are various men and women professional teachers that guide you soothingly through the meditations on topics such as fear and anxiety, motivation, worry free sleep, unwind after work, relationship anxiety, healthy couples, and special meditations for teens.  You can set up a personalized play list of your favorites.

Truly a favorite part of my day! Simple habit not only relaxes my mind and makes me feel like I just spent hours at the spa it is available to me any time of day.



Mindfulness – Capturing the Spa feeling Anywhere

The Mindfulness buzzword is everywhere. When you look at the word it sounds like a “full mind”
But in fact it is the opposite. It is an empty mind, at least empty of stress but full of the present moment.
Life is easier in the modern world , everything is given to us pretty much on demand, just as when you rent a movie…”on demand”. Shipping is easier and quick and fast, you can even order and have amazon items delivered on the same day! What we are left with is an urgent desire to have everything “on demand”. The sense of urgency can cause tenseness, anxiety, lack of sleep and not being able to live in the present. Only being able to dwell in the past and worry on the future.
Mindfulness is a tool to live in the NOW. Just by looking at the word now and living NOW. By thinking about this breath….and now this breath….and now this breath. Many would say I don’t have time to think about my breath. Practicing mindfulness which is a form of meditation can take only 5-15 minutes a day, but practicing daily is the most important key. Being mindful is like learning a sport, it take dedication and practice. The more you practice the more you become light or your mind lightens.
The Body Scan: Here is Mindfulness
Lie down in the most comfortable position you can be, preferably on your back with your head or legs raised or both.
Sit quietly and just notice any sounds around you.
Notice what part of your body is touching the bed or cushions or floor.
Notice your breath and how you breathe in and out. Notice when you breath in, your stomach rises and when you exhale out it falls.
Inhale and count to 3 and when you exhale count 4 or 5 seconds.
Body scanning is a great tool to ease into mindfulness meditation, below is a guide to help you. Follow the directions, slowly.
Start at the top of your head and sense the crown of your head, inhale and exhale.
Notice your forehead, inhale and exhale.
Notice your eyes and any sensations with them, inhale and exhale.
Notice your nose, inhale and exhale.
Notice your lips, inhale and exhale.
Notice your tongue and where it sits in your mouth, inhale and exhale.
Notice how your teeth are sitting, inhale and exhale.
Notice your throat, inhale and exhale.
Notice where your neck meets your shoulders, and notice if any muscles are tight, inhale and exhale
And relax those muscles.
Notice your heart and how it is beating, inhale and exhale.
Notice your belly and with your mind notice it rise and fall, inhale and exhale.
Notice your hips are they tight or relaxed, inhale and exhale,
Notice how your spine touches the surfaces and is it tight or soft, inhale and exhale.
Notice your lower back, inhale and exhale.
Notice your hips, inhale and exhale.
Notice your thighs, inhale and exhale.
Notice your knees, inhale and exhale.
Notice your calves, inhale and exhale.
Notice your ankles, inhale and exhale.
Notice the bottom of your feet, notice all the nerve endings on the bottom of your feet, inhale and exhale.
Inhale from the top of your head, and exhale slowly and imagine a lazy river running down your body from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, with your lazy river carrying your breath until the breath leaves through the sole of your feet. Do this 5-10 breaths.
If a thought enters your head of things to do and say, and even thinking I cannot do this, acknowledge the thought, by saying “hi thought, I notice you are here in my mind, but now I will put you on a cloud in the sky or a sailboat in the water and I will watch you slowly move away until later, but now I will resume to notice my body and my breath.” You can do that as many times as you need to, but with practice you will be more and more in the present.
You may begin to notice your body feels weightless, with some soft soothing tingling. Your mind will be in the present in the NOW and at peace. Enjoy the pleasure of a soft and present mind, it will feel as if you are in a spa or just left your yoga class.