All About Me

As a wife and mother of 10 (yes and 8 daughters!) I love to take some time for myself and go to a luxurious quiet spa but where to go? Time is precious and valuable and my mind and body would like to relax sooner than later. I will research the best spas around town and around the world! Spas that specialize in facilities for women only. Spas that include saunas, jacuzzis and women’s locker rooms to pamper yourself! You will be able to relax all your muscles and melt into your calmer self, from the outside in and in the inside out.

As a graduate of cosmetology school I understand a clean spa and I will help you find one too! No more wondering if your zen spot is unclean I will guide you as best I can to discover all the hidden gems of relaxation of body and mind and reassurance that the location is the finest.

I will guide you through the best new way to relax your mind and body completely thru Mindfullness and Meditation. Starting with only a few minutes a day you can unwind anytime anywhere and feel like you just stepped out of a spa.

I will also tell you about the best beauty secrets I have discovered for smooth skin from your heels to your head, natural beauty secrets that can be found in your kitchen as well as finest salon.

Joyce Stock