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Pedicure Meets Podiatrist


It does sound like an idea we all have thought about, going for a pedicure with a Podiatrist on hand.  That is what you will find at The Relaxed Foot, in Houston Texas.  Sterilization is of utmost importance.  All files are disposed of or given to the client, clippers and nippers are heat sterilized and tubs have heat and vibration, not jets that can hold bacteria, fungus and virus.

We are often faced with the question, which brand of polish to use?  At The Relaxed Foot we offer the safest nail polish, Dr’s Remedy.   Dr’s Remedy contains tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract, naturally occurring anti fungal and anti bacterial ingredient.  In addition it contains, Vitamin C and E organic compounds for healthier, stronger nails and wheat protein which contains amino acids to naturally increase shine.  It does not contains Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene.

To make an even more relaxing experience, Reflexology is part of the 1 hour Relaxed Foot Pedicure.  Reflexology is a healing art foot massage. It encourages the following:

*Improves Circulation and Toxin Removal

*The Immune System

*Decreases Pain and Stiffness

*Increased Flexibility

*Accelerated Physical Healing

*Stress Reduction

*Better Sleep Cycles

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