Clearstone Hair Removal and Medical Spa

Clearstone Laser Hair Removal  and Medi Spa:

While hair removal spas are everywhere, this Laser Hair Removal Spa offers the finest Laser equipment along with lots of other aesthetic options including chemical peels, photofacials and tattoo removal.

I tried the photofacial and was very pleased.  My aesthetician was kind and gentle and explained everything to me before the service.  The Laser targets broken capillaries and spider veins and /or brown spots, reducing the redness.  You wear protective goggles so the Laser doesn’t get near your eyes, but I was told the Laser is safe and the highest quality.  You feel a little current “zapping” which hurts just a little bit, and the service does not take too long, maybe 20 minutes.  For a few days your face may be a little red, but after a few days you see a much clearer complexion .

YAG skin rejuvenation laser service stimulates collagen growth to reduce wrinkles.

Tattoo Removal is offered by “shattering” the ink with a Lazer and services are needed 6-8 weeks apart.

Hair Removal requires expert Lasers for safe and clean hair removal whether for lip or brow as well as total body.  At Clearstone the Lasers will offer expert service.

Fungal nail can be persistent and Laser is a great option for dealing with the annoying problem.  In just a matter of minutes the fungus is killed and new healthy nail begins to grow in.

Clearstone Spa Locations:

Houston Med Center


Houston Galleria

League City



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