Spa Feeling To Go Please-SimpleHabit App

Mindfulness and Meditation can be new and confusing if you are not familiar with the terms and meanings.  Meditation apps are all the craze now and many may give up and feel that they are not a good candidate to meditate.

But really all you need is your smartphone to download an app and I love simple habit!  Most of the meditations are only for 5 minutes but you can meditate for longer if you like.  There are various men and women professional teachers that guide you soothingly through the meditations on topics such as fear and anxiety, motivation, worry free sleep, unwind after work, relationship anxiety, healthy couples, and special meditations for teens.  You can set up a personalized play list of your favorites.

Truly a favorite part of my day! Simple habit not only relaxes my mind and makes me feel like I just spent hours at the spa it is available to me any time of day.



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