The Marvelous Miracle Beauty Secret-Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the beauty secret found in almost every household these days. Many people don’t realize what its’ many uses are but there are so many!  Sometimes I don’t apply water to my face to clean,  I simply apply coconut oil and use a spin brush to clean. I am 51 and have always had oily skin but over the least decade I have had overly dry skin.   I have tried various lotions s and moisturizer but I have found coconut oil and will always keep it handy !  It is cost-effective and great at helping to reduce wrinkles. My daughters who are teenagers and in their 20s always look To borrow my coconut oil,  since it is so light it is not a heavy moisturizer.

Besides for being a wonderful additive to your cooking for a natural tropical flavor,  The following are wonderful uses for hidden beauty secrets !

🌴 Natural skin moisturizer for face and all over body including heels,  it can be applied anytime a day but best after shower bathing

🌴 A great way to cleanse your face first apply generously to your skin and then use a spin face brush to exfoliate, no water necessary,  just be very careful around the eye area to not let oil enter the eye

🌴 Homemade salt scrub recipe, use 2 parts coconut oil to 1 part salt, pink Himalayan  is a great choice and  makes a beautiful soft pink color

🌴 Wonderful for dry lips and to keep handy in your bag for touchups and shine,  you can easily package small portion for travel in a small  container,  it’s great to apply on a long airplane trip too  when are skin dries

🌴 Great for shaving cream for your legs apply and then feel silky smooth after a shave

🌴 A perfect massage oil,  you can microwave for a few seconds to produce a warm gliding oil

🌴 Natural hair conditioner apply a small amount

🌴 Apply to your make up brushes and rinse off great for cleaning brushes

🌴 All natural ingredients for baby as an ointment or baby moisturizer

🌴 Great to apply after being out on the beach the smell and feel  is perfect for the end of a great beach day

Note that coconut oil can change texture, when in a warm environment it turns into a liquid oil and when it is in an air-conditioned house or a cooler environment or refrigerator  it becomes more of a solid. You can just scoop some out and rub it between your fingertips and it will warm into room temperature  moisturizer.  Enjoy! 🌴

Below is an informative video that will give you special information on coconut oil helping with alzheimers.






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